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The Akajei F Mk IV was a twin-engine, single seat, propeller driven fighter aircraft designed by Uncle Carlos Aerospace (UCA) for the Holidian Airforce. With a top speed of over 800km/h at sea level, the type was among the fastest propeller driven aircraft in the world. Entering service in 1984, along with the Kosai, it was one of the last propeller driven aircraft to enter service as a fighter.

Design and Development[]

The Akajei IV was designed as a stopgap measure to the rapid obsolescence of the Holiday Airforce. As domestically produced jet aircraft were yet to be produced, the solution was to quickly develop a prop fighter which was faster than any other prop fighter in service. The Akajei F Mk IV was a retrofit of the Akajei II and III racer to be suitable for combat. The fuselage structure was changed to absolutely minimise weight and the cockpit was both widened, lengthened, and modernised for ease of use and pilot comfort. The engines themselves were unchanged, but their positioning was lowered to allow better visibility from side to side. The aircraft also included novel features such as leading edge control surfaces to increase manoeuvrability in a turn. As a result, the aircraft handled more favourably, but was slightly slower. While the aircraft was fine in the air, on the ground it was a different story. The taildragger landing gear combined with the high torque of the engines made the Akajei a difficult beast on the ground and unpopular with inexperienced pilots.

Operational Service[]

The aircraft first saw major usage during the Atlantis-Holiday war. While completely outclassed against the primary Atlantis fighter (the Aus Fighter Mk IV), it was moderately successful as it had similar advantages to the Storm Petrel in that it was able to out turn the Aus Fighter Mk IV. Despite being very much obsolete even in comparison to the Storm Petrel, it continued to be used into the 2020s as both as a ground attack and escort fighter due to it’s payload and long range. The Akajei was finally retired by the Holidian Air Force in the 2030s after being replaced in the attacker role by later versions of the Storm Petrel and replaced in the escort role by later versions of the Albatross. Some examples remained in use until the 2040s for scientific purposes where the Akajei Gyoshi wasn't available.


Crew: 1

Top Speed: 830km/h

Dimensions (m): 14.78 x 5.04 x 13.81

Service Ceiling: 11km