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The Albatross II is a twin-engine, single seat fighter designed by Uncle Carlos Aerospace (UCA).

The aircraft was a giant leap forward in comparison to the earlier Storm Petrel and Seagull fighters. The type saw extensive use during the latter half of the Atlantis-Holidian war, and was the most successful fighter in terms of K/D. Unlike the previous fighters, the Albatross F II was about on par with the Atlantis Fighter. In some regards like turning capability and climb, the Albatross F II was superior.

Design and Development[]

Uncle Carlos Aerospace’s first jet fighter, the Storm Petrel, was an improvement in comparison to the previous prop fighters the Holiday Airforce was fielding, but was still decades obsolete. In response to this, in the early 2020s, just as the Storm Petrel was entering service, a completely new class of fighter was being designed. The aircraft being designed was to either match or even outperform the Aus Fighter, the primary Atlantis fighter at the time. This new fighter was the Albatross. The experimental Albatross Mk I first flew in 2025. It was a heavy, underpowered fighter. It was totally unfit for combat in it’s current state. The aircraft still showed some promise despite the flaws as it was a good weapons platform and had good handling at nearly all speeds. The next iteration of the aircraft, the Mk II, was significantly redesigned using reverse-engineered technology from crashed Aus Fighters. The plane was completely overhauled and it was given a lighter airframe with bigger wings and stronger engines. The combination of these improvements vastly increased the aircraft’s capabilities.

Operational History[]

The Albatross II first saw service in 2031, but due to production issues, it was only really in wide-scale use in 2033. The type replaced all remaining Storm Petrels, Akajei and Kosai aircraft in front-line service. The type achieved a 4:1 Kill ratio against the Aus Fighter IV. By the end of the war, every fighter squadron had Albatross IIs in service.

The type was eventually retired as newer variants of the Albatross came into service in the 2040s.


Crew: 1

Top Speed: Mach 2

Service Ceiling: 20km