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The Albatross F Mk III is a twin engine, single seat, fighter jet designed by Uncle Carlos Aerospace. Alongside the Akajei Gyoshi, the Albatross III would become the second aircraft in Holidian service to be powered by liquid hydrogen. Entering service in 2042, the aircraft would become both the fastest and longest range fighter in the world until the arrival of Canada's Au-400 in 2066.

Design and Development[]

Testing commenced during the late 2030s after the Atlantis-Holiday conflict. To greatly improve performance, the fighter was equipped with smaller versions of the extremely powerful engines of the Freeraid bomber. Internal fuel capacity was also increased. Captured Russian and Atlantis technology were evaluated and reverse engineered to help aid the Albatross Mk III’s development.

Operational History[]

Holidian Service[]

The type saw limited service with the Holidian Air Force. As there were no conflicts throughout the 2040s and 50s, there was no need to use the aircraft. Some Holidian Albatrosses saw service in the Indian-Pakistani war of 2065, and downed 21 enemy aircraft.

The aircraft saw some service at the beginning of the Second Korean War. The type was moderately successful shooting down 30 aircraft, but was deemed obsolete and replaced by newer types like the Ryusei and Albatross V in 2099.

Russian Service[]

25 aircraft were delivered for use in the Russian Air Force in exchange for Nikodim Nk-31 fighter aircraft. Russian operated Albatrosses were used extensively alongside Nk-31s and Ykil-4s during the Second Korean War. The type was eventually retired in 2102 by the Russian Air Force.

Indian Service[]

The Indian Air Force would become the largest operator of Albatross IIIs after the Holidian Air Force. Around 750 were bought by India in 2051, and would serve extensively in the Indian Pakistani war of 2065. The Indian Air Force would also use their Albatrosses extensively throughout the Second Korean War and experienced great success despite the aircraft's obsolescence. The type would be retired as soon as the war ended in 2102 with a few staying in training well into the 2120s.


Top Speed: Mach 3

Crew: 1