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The Kosai is a single-engine, single seat, propeller driven fighter aircraft designed by Kujira Industries for the Holidian Air Force.

The type was designed as a cheaper alternative to the Akajei IV as it only had a single engine. Like the Akajei, it was only a stop-gap measure until better, more advanced jet aircraft came in service. The aircraft was also designed to operate from carriers as the Akajei IV was too large and had ground looping issues. Speed was modest at only 720km/h but had a much greater rate of climb than the Akajei.

Design and Development[]

The Kosai featured an advanced pusher layout which allowed better visibility and a cleaner, more aerodynamic nose. The pusher layout also pushed back the centre of mass which allowed tricycle landing gear to be adopted. The new landing gear layout dramatically improved ground handling which made it popular with both experienced and inexperienced pilots. The aircraft had a superior climb and dive to the surplus WW2 fighters the Holiday Navy were operating well into the late 20th century. In spite of all the aerodynamic refinements, the aircraft was still significantly slower than the Akajei. Another issue with the aircraft that was never fully ironed out was the aircraft going into uncontrollable flat spins at high altitude during manoeuvres. The immense torque of the engine combined with the large amount of blades and low weight of the aircraft contributed to this problem. 

Operational History[]

The Kosai first saw service in 1985, but would only ever see combat much later in 2028 during the Atlantis-Holidian War. Like all Holidian aircraft during the war, the Kosai was completely out classed; even more so than the Akajei. With the arrival of the Storm Petrel a few years prior, most Kosai aircraft were replaced in front-line service and relegated to ground attack, or photo reconnaissance due to its long range. The few that did remain in service as fighters suffered heavy losses and were eventually removed from active service in 2032.

Despite officially retiring in 2032, some squadrons simply had no choice but to keep operating Kosai aircraft. The type would continue service until the end of the war. Some were retained in use for scientific purposes until 2044.


Crew: 1

Top Speed: 689km/h (Sea level), 720km/h (5km)

Dimensions: 12.31 x 4.17 x 12.46

Service Ceiling 10k