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Welcome to Minute to Midnight[]

Minute to Midnight is an alternate future and universe created by Xenome and co-created by HolidayTheLeek, Antimatterkill, KrisPcream and Mika.

This world was originally created as an excuse to build original crafts on KX, but has since grown into a complete alternate universe. We focus mostly on the military aspect of this world, especially the aircraft. The lore has mostly been focused on our countries of choice. List of aircraft here

Basic Timeline[]

1922: Russia claims small piece of land (later becomes Holiday State)

1945: The US annexes small piece of land which later becomes the Holiday State

1955: Holiday State becomes its official name and becomes 'independent' from the US

1956: The Russo-Soviet war begins

1957: Holiday State is annexed by USSR

1980: Holiday State becomes independent again

1991: Fall of Soviet Union

1996: Holiday State becomes Holiday Empire after annexing Ukraine, bits of Kazahkstan, and other countries.

2008: Worldwide Economic Crash prompts Ukraine to declare independence. A new government (Atlantis Government) renames area to the Atlantis State.

2009: The Atlanis State officially seperates from the Holiday Empire. Tensions start to rise as the decades progress.

2028: Atlantis-Holiday conflict begins after Atlantean Aircraft violate Holidian airspace.

2037: Conflict ends with the Holiday Empire winning. For five more years, the former state is surveyed by reconnaissance aircraft to check and destroy rebellion groups.

204X (???): A Mexican Proxy War begins which starts the United State's decline. The two eventually split.

????: The United States splits into the Eastern and Western states due to clashing ideology.

2042: The Holidian Albatross III becomes the fastest and longest range fighter in the world

2044: Longest endurance record set by Hydrogen-electric Akajei Gyoshi reconnaissance aircraft.

2045: Canada recieves threat of potential dangerous Holidian bomber and develops Au-155 EIP

2066: Au-400 enters service, becomes longest range and fastest fighter. Overtakes Albatross III

2076: The Canadian Ta-164/SA becomes the first successful SSTO aircraft being able to achieve Low Earth Orbit. Due to lack of interest and funding, it was eventually scrapped.

2097: Second Korean War starts and becomes essentially WW3

2103: Second Korean war ends with NATO forces winning. Korea becomes re-unified but at the same time goes into debt because of the war.

2104: Second Franco Algerian war starts when France invades Algiers

2111 Second Franco Algerian war ends when Algeria cedes Algiers, Tizi Ouzou, Bejaia and Kkikda to French control.

2114: Asteroid Strike hits 240km the coast of the Netherlands. The resulting tsunami formed from the impact engulfs the Netherlands completely in water. Millions dead. Worst environmental disaster ever.

List of Countries (A-Z)[]

  • Australia
  • Atlantis State
  • Canada
  • Holiday Empire
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Russia
  • United States

Latest activity[]

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Ryusei Fighter of Holidian Forces