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The Storm Petrel is a single-seat, twin-engine fighter aircraft used by the Holidian Air Force from 2024-2037. It was designed as an interim measure to replace the Holidian Airforce's long obsolete Akajei and Kosai propeller fighters. The type saw extensive service as a fighter in the first half of the Atlantis-Holidian war despite being more than half a century obsolete. Despite being outclassed, the type was still moderately successful as a dog-fighter against the Aus Fighter IV because of its lightweight construction, low wing-loading and high thrust-to-weight ratio.

The type was eventually overtaken by newer aircraft like the Albatross II and Kaizoku fighters in the early-mid 2030s.

Design and Development[]

The design of the Storm Petrel was intentionally simple to cut down costs and reduce development time. The type utilized wing sections from P-51 mustangs to further reduce development time; this gave the aircraft it's straight wing. The aircraft was also designed to be as lightweight as possible to increase maneuverability, speed and climb. The type used two engines in a configuration similar to the much older F2H Banshee. The two engines were deemed necessary for redundancy in combat. The type was also able to function on carriers, though it saw little use in this way as the Holiday Empire was landlocked.

The fighter was armed with two 20mm cannons and later air-to-air missiles to bring it's capabilities closer to the Aus Fighter IV.

Operational History[]

The type first saw service in 2024, and immediately replaced Akajei and Kosai aircraft in front-line service. The Storm Petrel was extensively used throughout the first half of the Atlantis-Holidian war both as a fighter and attacker. In almost any engagement, the Storm Petrel outnumbered the enemy aircraft, which contributed to its success.

With the Arrival of the Albatross II in 2031, the Storm Petrel was immediately replaced in the front-line role. The type was relegated to ground attack in the second half of the war, and also proved to be an excellent attacker due to it's tight turn radius. The type was immediately retired in 2037, with a few staying in service as an advanced trainer.


Crew: 1

Dimensions (m): 13.9 x 4.12 x 13.35

Speed: 900km/h

Service Ceiling: 10km